Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Road Test!

Great success! The team worked through the night (preceded by many other late nights) to have a car that would be ready to test at TRC where we felt comfortable putting it on the ground for the first time. It took a little bit of effort to get the car in and out of the trailer (we used a forklift and the old lifter from the BB1, junkyard wars), but it made it to the track. We were able to do a no load spin test on the driveline with the wheels and suspension installed, and get it to the short straightaway on the road course that they have at TRC. The goal was to get the car to move under its own power, and we were able to do that, twice until we ran out of our air supply that we had brought with us. The team was very happy with the test, and we have a list of improvements that we would like to make to the car, and hope to have it back to the track this coming Saturday. We took some video of the tests, so enjoy!

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Violet said...

Congrats Guys!! The car looks sweet so far. You guys deserve a huge pat on the back after all the hours you have been putting in.

Keep up the good work..oh and I love those maze and blue colors...they look great!!!