Thursday, August 9, 2007

Finally on the salt

We made it out to the salt today, working with Ford to get the pit area set up, as well as lend a hand to several racers out here with getting their pit areas set up. We're all pretty anxious about the car getting here soon, since there are some finishing touches that we'd all like to get on. The morning started out with what looked like a lot of water as we were driving out to the salt (see the photos), but quickly ended, and has dried up very well, so we should be set to have a good course!


Anonymous said...

Have a great run team -- wishing you the best! The Bonneville is an amazing vast and spectacular! I had a chance to put my father's '95 Impala SS on the salt for a photo shoot in May 06 while on a family road trip out west.

Tom & Jenny Sopko said...

Great job, the second generation looks awesome. We are anxiously awaiting your first run on the salt. Good luck and go Bucks!

Cyndy B said...

Isaac, Kevin and gang: Have a great run -- bring home a record! All's well back in Columbus!

Calvin said...

Please, we need more info on how much water is on the entrance road.
thanks & best to all.