Friday, August 17, 2007

See What Roger Sees

Alright, we're finally all packed up from the week, and I've had some time to get all of the things that we've collected through the week together. I know the posts dropped out there for a few days, but we were working diligently to fix and work through some challenges that we saw come up with the car. Two nights ago, we worked until about sunrise in a hangar out at the Wendover airport, which was the training site of the WW2 air force units that carried out the operations of dropping the atomic bombs over Japan. It was a very historic and inspirational feeling place to work, and we were back on the salt flats the very next morning (which would have been yesterday).

Anyways, today we captured some cockpit footage of our 201mph run (the last run we made this week). If you see it, you might get an understanding of how calm of a person Roger is. Going 201mph, he is able to calmly operate everything without even looking nervous. How he does it, I do not know. Oh, and he shifted during the run, without us knowing that he did it until after the run. Made us sort of nervous, but it seemed to work pretty well. Enjoy the video, it is one of my favorite cockpit videos that I've been able to capture.

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Anonymous said...

It would be great to see the current speed in the video to get a sense of the acceleration and speed. What a great job by the Buckeye Bullet Team. OSU '78