Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here we go....

Well the car is fully back together, and all of the pieces seem to be working well. We'll be traveling to TRC this evening (after we all get done with our classes) to get some runs on the car, testing the braking, shifting, cooling, etc. to see if our changes since Speedweek have in fact been improvements. Our plan is to be testing tomorrow night as well, and then have the car packed up and ready to leave by Friday evening, to make sure that it arrives to the salt flats on time. And if anyone was curious about the conditions of the salt (which you can see from the SCTA's website), things are looking great:
Our onsite expert has visited both of the Speedweek courses and they are dry and hard.

SW Course #2 (the one USFRA ran on) will need some dragging but should be fine. SW Course #1 has not been used since SW and it sustained some damage in the late August rains. We won’t know how much is repairable until we start dragging Saturday..

Unless there are weather events (none forecast), there is little we can report until we start work on Friday.

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