Friday, September 14, 2007

A New Address and Video

OK, we've been working for the past few weeks now, and I haven't really had a whole lot to update on, other than we're getting salt out of every single nook and cranny of the car. We find salt everywhere, but we've been cleaning all of the parts to make sure that they all will last a long time. Also, once all of the parts were off of the car, we sent the chassis to be sandblasted and painted. Not just any paint though, the chassis is now covered with a hardened, cured polyurethane paint. Thanks to our partners at Ford, we have also spent a lot of effort rewiring and inspecting the electrical connections for possible corrosion, and replacing connections that have been given up to the salt demons. This should help improve the reliability of the electronics, especially on the salt flats.

You may have also noticed that we have a new address here for the blog, seated comfortably at And, for those generous donations from our supporters (hint, hint), we have a link to the Ohio State donation site by going to After all, we run with the support of everyone, both companies and individuals alike. Thanks to all of you!

CORRECTED 9/21/2007:
Finally, thanks to our friends at WOSU, they have produced a short video using footage that was shot on salt flats at Speedweek. The footage was shot by Jason Poteat, thanks to our fantastic support from the Ohio Supercomputer Center. This video is part of some footage that WOSU is using to put together a documentary on the project, but they've given us a copy to let everyone see, so, here goes...

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