Thursday, September 20, 2007

See us on the Big Ten Network

Earlier this morning, a film crew for the Big Ten Network came to film a short piece for their show, Friday Night Tailgate. The show should air tomorrow night from 8pm to 10pm. From Joan Wall, in Engineering Communications:
Big Ten Network visited the Buckeye Bullet 2 team this morning to interview the students and film them. I had the opportunity to see some of the filming, and, as usual, our students were doing a fantastic job of representing The Ohio State University.
Apparently, we are being compared to the solar car team from a northern school which shall remain nameless. We had a great team showing while they were here, mostly because we are getting the car ready to test up at TRC this weekend. Hopefully, all of the improvements that we've made since Speedweek will payoff.
On Friday, we are going to recognize Ballard Power Systems here at the Center for Automotive Research for their invaluable contribution to making the Buckeye Bullet 2 a reality. We will be hosting Mike Proctor and Chris Guzy from Ballard to thank them for their great support of the program. I'm not sure if everyone knows, but much of the work that was done at Ballard to help get everything running happened after hours, on the private time of a great number of Ballard employees, simply because of their drive to help us make the car a reality. I know we'll be thanking them on Friday, but THANKS BALLARD!
We will also be appearing at the Alumni Advocates tailgate this coming Saturday at the Fawcett Center, prior to the football game against Northwestern. But, immediately following, we will be heading back to TRC to continue our testing.

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