Thursday, October 4, 2007

225 mph!

Our first run of the week, we got it up to be the fastest car on hydrogen! We'll be taking it back to the pits to make a few changes, and then hopefully be back in line soon, probably later today.


marcusmembrane said...

I've seen the record speeds reached by BB1, but have no idea about the goal(s) for BB2. I initially was disappointed to hear BB2 made 200-and-change in its last Bonneville outing, but then I read that everybody was excited about that. I thought the idea was to go faster than BB1, but I guess not. What speed are you guys trying to reach?

Anonymous said...


Please find time to research land speed history or any racing research & development program. Always begin with slower speed passes, evaluate your equipment & driver/pilot feedback. Once the team is confident, safety issues resolved then and only then do you push it to the limits.

Good luck to the team and congratulations on your first objective. We look forward to your news updates.

Ken Fackender

marcusmembrane said...

Hey, Kenny:

What kind of non-answer answer is that? Research land speed history? How in the heck is land speed history research going to tell me how fast the BB2 Team is trying to go? I'm fully aware they've got safety and vehicle readiness issues on their minds. But somewhere else in their minds is a speed they want to go. Actually, after doing some "research" on the BB2 web site, I learned they're hoping to break BB1's records, which means they still have a long way to go. Since you're so up to date on all the BB2 Team's objectives, why don't you share some of them, instead of climbing on a soap box and spouting off about all the preparations. I'll bet more than a few of us already are mighty aware a lot of stuff needs to be considered before a vehicle with a new powerplant can achieve its highest capability. All I'm asking is, what is that target? Or, using your words, how fast does the Team think they can go when they "push it to the limits? Since it's a new vehicle, maybe they don't really know, I now know they're trying to break BB1's record. Since they have yet to achieve their goal, I doubt it shows up yet in any land speed history.