Monday, October 1, 2007

Call us at our new number

Oh you thought I meant telephone number. Actually, since Speedweek in August, we have changed the car number of the Buckeye Bullet 2. Our number in August, 3006, was meant to pay homage to the Buckeye Bullet 1, which had the same number. Now this is a story that has been passed onto me from former team members, but it was chosen because they wanted the windshield of the BB1 to be very safe. We used the same polycarbonate material on the BB2, and to test the safety of the BB1 windshield, they took it to a firing range, testing it with a variety of firearms to ensure that the driver would be safe from debris. They finally tested it with the .30-06 rifle, which is how the car got it's number.

This brings us to the number change for the BB2. We wanted to choose a number that would be more fitting for this new car, and after some discussion, we settled on 2016. Why 2016? Well the BB2 is powered by Hydrogen, specifically dihydrogen, or H2. The molecular weight (that's right, we used chemistry) of H2 is 2.016 g/mol, which gives us the number 2016.

So, look for a new number on the side of the BB2 this week, and check back for our updates all week while we're at World Finals!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work on the new name! That fits right up my alley! ~ KK