Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nearly ready...

Well, we had hoped to have a run in by the end of the day, but a few gremlins and an earlier track closing caused our run to be postponed until the morning. With the arrival of the BB2 logbook, we completed our technical inspection, and spun up the motor in the pits to get ready to go to the track to run. Right after the motor spun, we had a problem with our controller that set us back a few hours, and sent us chasing our tails for a little bit. We also had some issues with the body fitting onto the car, but with a little nudge and a push, the body is fitting nicely now. So, we believe the problems have been resolved, and the car should be all set to run in the morning. Also, I had hoped to have some video for everyone to see, but this slow internet here has stopped that from happening. Hopefully I can have some up tomorrow night. Until then, I'll have run speeds up as we complete runs from the salt.

Updated : Just kidding, here's the video:

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