Friday, December 28, 2007

BB2 Mentioned on ESPN's Sportcenter

The BB2 was mentioned recently with regards to the upcoming football championship game against Louisiana State University. Specifically, they used it to compare the speed of the two teams...
The transcript reads:
This past August, Ohio State Engineering students did something quite special. They piloted a Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered streamliner racer over 200 mph, called the Buckeye Bullet 2, marking a historic milestone for alternative fuel vehicles. You may not be able to teach speed, but apparently you can teach students how to create it. With LSU looming in the BCS national title game, some might say their next project should be transfering some of that speed to the Buckeyes football team. As Tom Rinaldi tells us, they may not have to...
Click the photo or link below to view the video.
(Thanks to Isaac for noticing the story)

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