Monday, December 3, 2007

Ford Fusion 999 in Popular Mechanics Article

The December 2007 issue of Popular Mechanics features an article on the Ford Fusion 999.

Ford is one of our biggest sponsors and continues to support us in our endeavor with the Buckeye Bullet 2. A lot of the topics covered in the article apply to both of our cars since we truly partnered up to make both vehicles function as best as possible. We are also mentioned in the beginning of the article:
"By building better race cars, automakers are ultimately able to deliver better production cars. So, in 2005, when students at the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research approached Ford Motor Company about collaborating on a hydrogen fuel cell car capable of setting a land speed record, the automaker jumped at the opportunity. Just months before, the same group of innovative OSU scholars set a land speed record (315 mph) for electric cars. The Ford/Buckeye hydrogen fuel cell collaboration, the 999 Hydrogen Fusion, was unveiled this past July."

-Popular Mechanics, December 2007
(You can see the article where they broke the 200mph barrier for fuel cell cars here)

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