Friday, January 11, 2008

BB2 and CAR Featured in News in Engineering

The News in Engineering that is published quarterly by Ohio State's College of Engineering features several stories relating to Ohio State's involvement in advanced automotive research. Some of the stories include:
  • Another Milestone: The Buckeye Bullet returns to set more records, this time using fuel cell technology.
  • Getting There: Transportation research is in high gear at the College of Engineering.
  • Behind the Scenes: Engineering Research Services (Featuring Dr. Yurkovich's automotive powertrain research)
Ballard is also recognized for their support of the BB2 with a Meritorious Service Award:
Ballard Power Systems’ sustained, extraordinary commitment will have a significant and lasting impact on the advancement of the College of Engineering and its students.
See the full publication and text at:
Or see the full publication in PDF form (3.5 MB):

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