Monday, February 11, 2008

Back to the Dyno

Alright, after a little bit of time with the simulations and the data from this summer, we are getting back to the dynamometer (or dyno, as it is more commonly known) here with the car. Actually, just the motor for now. We'll be testing the motor, tuning it, and recording gobs of data to be able to analyze it so that she'll be in tip-top shape for the coming spring and summer. Not only that, but we'll be using the battery system from the Buckeye Bullet 1 to put power into the motor, albeit not as much as we will get from the fuel cells. Additionally, we're working on doing some testing with the fuel cells, independent of the vehicle so we can ensure that we have consistent, reliable power when the system is put in the car. More will follow here (even some results) as we get further along and look towards more road testing and other improvements in the coming weeks and months.

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