Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer High Gear

Well, spring quarter is over, and we've settled in for the summer. We're getting ready for testing at TRC in July, and Bonneville in August. Here are a few of the changes that we've been working on over the past few weeks:
  • Brand new vehicle controller. The new controller will help us to tune the system quicker, and improve the robustness of the car.
  • Tuned fuel cells. We've been regularly running the stacks on the resistor load bank and tweaking pressure settings to get them in their sweet spot and making lots of power.
  • Upgraded cooling system. The cooling system has been streamlined and improved for weight reduction.
  • Gas delivery system upgrade. The hydrogen and heliox system has been weight reduced and redone to make it easier to make fine changes in settings.
So, I'll try to keep everyone updated as we go, but just know that we're working hard to get everything working well for this August!

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