Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meziere Pumps give BB2 a cooling upgrade!

Meziere Enterprises is one of the latest companies to partner with the Buckeye Bullet 2 by sending us a shipment of their light weight cooling pumps. Meziere is a manufacturer of hi-tech racing components, and we will be using 4 of their high-flow electric water pumps to help keep our vehicle cool.

Cooling the BB2 is one of the biggest challenges we have. Making over 500 KW of power also means we have to dissipate a lot of heat in the process. This means moving a lot of water.

We contacted Meziere over winter break while looking for lightweight solutions to our problem. We weren't sure if their pumps could meet the pressure and flow requirements we had, so they sent us a test sample to run some flow tests with.

After doing the tests we determined their pumps would do the trick... only downside is we would need 4 of them on the car. They responded by saying they would be able to provide the pumps we need, plus two spares to get us ready for the salt flats.

Their pumps are an ideal solution to our problem. Their lightweight aluminum construction, and integrated motor fit in a small tight package. Plus the DC motors will essentially plug into our existing DC power supplies on the car. Even using 4 of these pumps we are saving over 25lbs on the vehicle by getting away from our stainless steel industrial pumps heads. With other cooling improvements we are looking to save a total of nearly 200 lbs in the cooling system alone.

Meziere is a well known name in drag racing, and we will bring them in the realm of land speed racing, and Fuel Cell Power!

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