Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We just made our first run on the track of the week, and we got up to about 210mph, and were able to shift up into third gear. At that point the car shut down, likely as a safety measure. We're investigating why it shut down as we speak, and will have some photos up soon.


chrisguzy said...

Great job on run #1 ... Go O-HI-O !
.. and thanks for the maple leaf under Roger's name on the cockpit :-) ... sorry I can't be there this year but I'm really looking forward to reading about and seeing a video of 300+ mph ... Chris Guzy

Anonymous said...

Great start to the week Buckeyes! Keep up the good work and keep the speeds going up all week . . . 300? . . 340?. . . 350? More pictures Kevin, they are great!
Rick Ponziani

Azkwith said...

Way to go guys!! I'm super proud of you. I hope the week goes well and that you guys can make it happen! Rumor has it that you will have a mom-like guest on Friday to spread the love. Good luck.