Friday, August 22, 2008

Report 5 from Speedweek - 286 mph!!

August 22nd – Track is open again
Once the morning record back-up runs were done, the line started moving again, and the BB2 morning run started just before noon MDT. 80 seconds later Roger Schroer had driven the Buckeye Bullet 2 to the highest speed ever recorded by a hydrogen/fuel cell vehicle: 286 mph.

The vehicle kept accelerating through the run (as demonstrated by the fact that the exit speed is higher than the average speed along mile 5).

Some technical details:
  • Run time: 90 s
  • Peak power drawn: 550 kW (740 hp)
  • The stack temperature reached 70 degC, with plenty of cooling capacity left.
  • Transmission cycled through 4 of 6 gears.
  • The run consumed 0.8 kg of H2 and 15 kg of heliox (that is pretty much the whole tank – we’ll need to adjust the stoichiometry on the leaner side, but there is room to do that)

A picture of the timing slip is attached.

As long as the weather continues to be picture perfect, as it is right now (and there are no other surprises) the BB2 should be able to complete another run before 7pm local time.

Go Bucks! Go fast!


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Great Job! New tag line, "Go Bucks, GO REALLY REALLY FAST!"