Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick Final Update - FIA meet 2008

Sorry for the delay in the final report. We made our last attempted run around 6:00 PM, and then were cleaning and packing up well into the night.

Earlier in the day we made two runs within the specified 1 hour period. The first run we recorded speeds in the 100-130 MPH range. This low speed was the result of a problem that was preventing the fuel cells from putting out maximum power. Even thought we weren't happy with the first speed, we took the chance to practice the 1 hour turn-around, and see if we could fix the problem before the second run.

The second run was slightly faster, in the 130-150 MPH range, but still clearly below the vehicle's capability.

We spent some time in the pits to diagnose the problem, and implemented a few code changes that we hoped would allow the fuel cells to put out all the power we were accustomed to.

We pushed to the other end of the track to begin another attempt for a record. Shortly after the vehicle pulled away the vehicle experienced a failure in the gas delivery system that sent too much pressure to the fuel cell stacks. All the implemented safety systems caused the vehicle to shut down immediately, and kept the driver safe. However there was irreparable damage to the vehicle and we had to call the meet for the week.

Thanks for the support of everyone involved.


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Anonymous said...

I know that next year you will not have any problems at all because you have found them all !