Monday, September 22, 2008

Report 1 - Bonneville FIA event 2008

From the Bonneville Salt Flats: 9:45 AM 22 September 2008
Here on the Salt Flats, the temperature is in the low 70’s and warming with light winds and not a cloud in the sky.
The team arrived in Wendover on Saturday night, and drove the 1.3 miles to the pit area for the first time Sunday morning to begin setting up the pits. The team all pulled together and quickly spread the tarps, erected the tents, and unloaded the trailers. After setup, final fitment on some modified body mounts began.
The body mounts changes were required due to some aero issues discovered during the August trip when higher than ever speed were reached, and were hindered by hurricane Ike and the electrical outages in Columbus. Last evening, the modifications were completed, and fueling of the car began to allow startup testing before the team retired to the hotel for the evening.
This morning found the team on the Salt at 7:00AM waiting for a light rain to pass the area. Because of the rain, the track is closed but expected to open soon; so the team is doing final fuel cell tests in preparation for a run today.
If the weather cooperates we expect to get the first run in around 12:00 local time.
More to come......

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Azkwith said...

I hope the weather cooperates for a run today!! Good luck!