Friday, September 26, 2008

Update from Ben, Current Status

I just got word from Ben, who is on the salt with the team, about the current status of the car:
  • The motor was finished at 6:15 this morning (Mountain Time) . It is now installed and we’ve completed our system checks and are they’re putting the body on now
  • We re-tuned the hydrogen/oxygen ratio so that the car can last for 6.5 miles. We did a quick load bank test, and wheel spin check. All systems look good.
  • We’ll load it in the trailer and head to the mile 11 for the qualifying run (west bound). Our pits are at the west end where we refuel and service the car and do our east bound return run
  • Tom Burkland is ahead of us in line and will take a shot at 450+ mph before we do our run.
  • We’re going after the 132 mph record we set last year at the FIA meet

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