Friday, September 25, 2009

Ready to try again!

(3:16pm) Heading down to the starting line.  Getting ready to make another attempt.
(3:17pm) Roger is putting his helmet on.
(3:20pm) Roger is getting into the car.
(3:23pm) BB2 is about 3 minutes from running.
(3:25pm) Course is clear.
(3:26pm) Main power on the BB2 is on.  Gasses on.  Vehicle is underway.
(3:27pm) High Voltage and go. Through the 1 Mile.
(3:28pm) Through the 3 mile.  And 5 mile.  Enter

Entry Speed: 297.787 mph (479.242 kph)
Flying Kilo: 302.081 mph (486.152 kph)
Flying Mile 301.949 mph (485.940 kph)
Exit Speed: 305.783 mph (492.110 kph)
(The best times yet!)

(3:29pm) Through the 3 mile and slowing down.
(3:30pm) Just inside the 1 mile, coming towards the pits.
(3:32pm) BB2 is in the pits, getting ready to get the car turned around for a follow-up run.
(3:44pm) 40 minutes remaining on turn-around time
(3:56pm) Putting the car back down on the ground in the pits. Nose being put back on car.
(4:02pm) Pushing the BB2 onto the trailer to head to the start line.
(4:05pm) BB2 leaving the pits to go to the starting line.
(4:07pm) 20 minutes remaining on turn-around.
(4:10pm) Radio check complete, getting ready for the return run.  Preparing to go through startup sequence.
(4:11pm) Main power to the BB2 is on. Gasses are on.  Starting Fuel Cells.
(4:12pm) High Voltage and GO!

Entry Speed: 300.324 mph (483.325 kph)
Flying Kilometer: 303 mph (488 kph)
Flying Mile: 303 mph (488 kph)

(Note: These are unofficial speeds, and do not qualify as records the vehicle and speeds have been verified by the record sanctioning body.  As such, any record is subject to FIA (or ASN) recognition before it may be recognized as an official record.) 

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