Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing Speed Increase, Looking to Run Faster

So we came in two teams this morning, one at 5am to preheat the fuel cells and another at 6:30 to finish up car prep and push the car out. The transmission lever was fixed by 10pm last night. This morning after the first run we made some code changes which resulted in a 15 mph increase in speeds at the 1.5 mile marker. Unfortunately, our cooling code couldn't keep up. We adjusted a few items to let the fuel cells get slightly warmer and are going to not only precool the motor but also cool between runs. This run should be the highest power we have ever gotten, steady at around 520 kW. Below is an image of the improv motor cooling setup.

Lets hope this run is the best yet.

1 comment:

rjoffe said...

Can you tell us a bit more about the cooling of the motor ?

The pictures look like you are running water over the outer case.