Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Passed Tech Inspection, Salt Still Wet.

We arrived at the Salt Flat's entry road early this morning as the sun was creeping over the horizon. First in tech inspection line, we heard news of no racing today. A look at the end of the access road showed the photo below... water and ruts everywhere. Luckily it only appears to be 0-0.5" deep so the hopes are that it will evaporate by tomorrow.

We passed tech inspection after a bit of explanation and quick fixes before noon. Since we couldn't yet setup our pit on the salt, we are back in the trucker parking lot until tomorrow morning. We were told that we could setup shop early in the morning and race after noon.

Roger also found a loyal following that required his autograph on one of our "hero cards" that give info on the car. The signature was requested by an "important guy who's job is a liaison" by the "liaison's assistant". Go Roger! :).


Heather said...

Can't wait to hear what you guys run tomorrow !! Good Luck guys !!!

Anonymous said...


shuffc said...

Hoping for dry salt on Thurs, and a GREAT run!
Can we get a team pic, Charles?