Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pit Setup, Track Ready!

We arrived at the access road just ahead of the sun. After a short wait in line we were told to "stick to the right" so as to not get stuck in the salt/water/mud combination at the end of the road.
Below you can see the car and crew mozying our way off the "end of the road", through the water and onto dry salt. The pits and track are dry as far down as needed.
Our pit setup is finished and we are getting the car through the last preparations in order to race. A quick run to the local grocery store to load up on ice for fuel cell cooling and a few code changes later, we should be ready to get in line to race. Both Paul Mann from Ballard and Mike Procter from AFCC are here to provide fuel cell support and help squeak out every last bit of power from the fuel cells. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the blog updated!

Kevin said...

Agreed, thanks Charles! (And everyone else out there, see you soon!)

shuffc said...

Glad the water is subsiding. Thanks for the updates, and keep them coming. Great photos!

Diane and Tom Cooke said...

We really appreciate the updates! The photos are terrific! Wish we were there. Can't wait until you break the record, this is the year!