Saturday, May 19, 2012

Senior Design Project

It is crunch time here at Ohio State as students begin to wrap up the quarter. For most this means staying in from the beautiful weather and opening the books that have been neglected the rest of the quarter. However for some Buckeye Bullet team members this also means putting the final touches on senior capstone projects. This year the Bullet team has three senior members who for the past eight months have been creating their own capstone project.Beyond their other projects for the car, Luke, Evan and Austin have been working on designing and building a tire test stand to fulfill their senior project requirements for a bachelor's degree in engineering from The Ohio State University.
The project hopes to uncover more data about tire behavior at the high speeds that are unique to land speed racing. Because these statistics are typically so difficult to gather under race conditions the capstone team has set out to create a rig allowing them to simulate the conditions. The rig which will be used in conjunction with the dynamometer resources at The Center For Automotive Research. Once complete the test stand will be able to achieve speeds of 6000 RPM, simulating vehicle speeds of 500 MPH.
With only two weeks left to finish up the design and present to a panel of judges from industry, the team is working extra hard to ensure everything is ready and working. Testing should be completed during the summer and data will be collected then.

Luke cleans parts of the frame

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