Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We here at The Buckeye Bullet want to thank Cary for his years of work and congratulate him on his recent masters thesis defense and wedding. Even as he moves on to bigger and better things in life he will always be a Buckeye as well as a member of this team.

Simulation Showing Center of PressureResults for BB3;

Cary's work in aerodynamics will help in not only propelling BB3 to speeds of 400+ MPH but also propelling electric land speed racing into the future. Recently Cary has shown that the aerodynamic performance increases in moving the driver in front of the front axle are negligible. When weighed against the increased complexity of the steering as well as the increased danger of having the driver out away from the center of gravity the team has shown that a new driver in middle design can result in similar performances as the driver in front.
More updates will come throughout the summer as the team works on finalizing motors and other design crucial components. Check back soon!


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